Welcome to pvpumpingsystem’s documentation!

pvpumpingsystem is a package providing tools for modeling and sizing offgrid photovoltaic water pumping systems. It is specially designed for small to medium size systems, the type of pumping system typically used for isolated communities.

It can model the whole functioning of such pumping system on an hourly basis and eventually provide key financial and technical findings on a year. Conversely it can help choose some elements of the pumping station depending on output values wanted (like daily water consumption and acceptable risk of water shortage). Find more on the scope of the software in the section Package Overview.

The source code for pvpumpingsystem is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/tylunel/pvpumpingsystem

The package was originally developped at T3E research group, in Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Qc, Canada, by Tanguy Lunel.

The software is published under the open source license GPL-v3.

Citing pvpumpingsystem

—–still to come—— Paper currently under review at Journal of Open Source Software.